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Whoever Controls The Media, Controls The Mind

The Most Important Kind Of Freedom Is To Be What You Really Are

14 September
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People consider me funny... who knows? A lot of people love me, but more hate me. It seems that most men today want a pretty girl that sits down and shuts up. I'm sorry but I'm nothing like that. I'm opinionated, smart, creative, and outspoken. If you don't like it then don't talk to me; it's not like we're gonna date anyway. I love movies and music. I play guitar (acoustic, electric, steel, and I've tried bass). I sing as well, though I'm shy about it and if I must sing in a crowd it must be a small one so you can't hear my voice shake. I like it when people buy me stuff. :D So you totally should.

I didn't want to link all these, so links to the communities the above banners came from are underneath my list of friends.